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 Unit 70 Studios made its debut at Transworld Chicago 2003. This debut featured a 13' giant character named Yoggoth,


As impressed as I was with the artistry of Yoggoth, I was equally impressed with the range of motion of the Scarefactory's Impaler,


The Scarefactory's Impaler advertises seven independent movements,

My goal was to incorporate the Impaler range of motion into the Yoggoth.

I purchased unpainted Yoggoth skins. The skins were all cast using foam-filled latex. As you can see, Yoggoth's upper torso is more of a foam "appliance",

The neck involves a certain amount of "structure",


The lower-arms/hands are complete, full, three-dimensional parts,

The fingers involve an armature of (polyethylene?) tubing. The lower-arms/hands measure 5' 6" from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. The lower-arms/hands weigh approximately eight (8) pounds!

The legs/feet are also complete, full, three-dimensional parts,

The jaw is attached to the head with a steel hinge. The hinge is "foamed" into the underside of the head,


The head/jaw weighs approximately seven (7) pounds.

I predict that the arms (including a steel armature and air cylinders) will weigh over 50 pounds. I am convinced that a tall, sturdy lattice will need to be positioned behind Yoggoth in order to withstand the torque involved in swinging these arms from side to side. In this picture, you can see hints of the Impaler's support structure,

My initial focus will be on developing a suitable lattice for Yoggoth.

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